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Boutique Hotel Campo de' Fiori
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The Boutique Hotel Campo de' Fiori is located in Via del Biscione 6, picturesque and vivacious , the street is skirted by pubs, typical restaurants and very fashionable shops. The origin of the street's name seems to be coming from the eel, represented in the Orsini armorial bearings, historical family owner of some antique buildings on the district.

At few steps from the hotel we can find the famous Piazza Campo de' Fiori, today headquarters of the Roman life, but which unfortunately is remembered because in it's very centre the capital executions used to take place. Thursday 17th of February 1600 was burned alive the philosopher and monk Giordano Bruno, accused of heresy. In memory of the philosopher, in 1888, a statue was build by the carver Ettore Ferrari in the in the place of the pyre.

From 1869 the square hosts a popular market, who's atmosphere is very well represented in the movie Campo de' Fiori by Anna Magnani and Aldo Fabrizi.
The neighbourhood Campo de' Fiori is in Parione district, the famous Roman district which owes its name to an antique piece of wall (il parietone). The cost of arms of this district is the Griffin, a creature from the Greek mythology with eagle head and lion body, which represents the pride and the nobility, not randomly is also the Hotel's coat.


Via del Biscione 6 - 00186 - Rome

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